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Company History

Charles Machine Industrial Co.,Ltd. was set up, specializing in the production of high speed lathe and heavy-duty lathe.
Developed CNC lathe machines, and continuously innovate, research and develop.
Developed vertical machining centers, and were certificated by CE.
The new factory was set up since our business increased significantly, and our business extended to five continents.
Developed high speed bridge type machining centers, and also introduced series of new specification models to the market.
In order to meet the latest requirement of the standards, whole series models were certificated by CE again.
Developed rack hobbing machine.
To meet the new domestic machinery safety standards, the products successively pass the TS inspection.

Based on years experiences in casting field, John Stack Casting Industrial Co., Ltd. president of the board, Mr. Lai, established Charles Machine Industrial Co.,Ltd. in 1995 with a group of like-minded partners who have high speed lathe production experience.

At the beginning, the company was well-known for its lathe. Since 2001, to keep up with the development of industrial computerization, we have developed CNC lathe machines, vertical machining centers and other products.

From the most basic casting, processing, and even the final finished assembly, each steps are subject to strict quality control, and products will only be shipped to the customers after going through carefully detect and debug by every departments.

No. 57 , Aly 150, Ln 516, Sec 2, Xinan RD., Wuri Dist., Taichung City 414, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Tel : 886-4-23354645-6 Fax: 886-4-23352545

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