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    • Spindle bearing configuration is supported by the ball bearings which could withstand heavy cutting and due to the larger contact area, it could withstand greater axial and radial cutting force. Then, through the computer simulation of the bearing configuration to achieve the maximum spindle rigidity.
    • Spindle double-speed gear with high-power spindle motor turns out to an unrivaled cutting rate.
    • Spindle and gearbox with oil cooling cycle in order to maintain the bearings are under low temperature state and extend the its service life.
    Travel X-Axis travel mm
    Y-Axis travel mm
    Z-Axis travel mm
    Ball screw X-Axis  
    Table Area mm
    Max. Table load kgs
    T-slot dia. mm
    Spindle Spindle taper  
    Spindle speed and driving method RPM
    Distance Spindle nose to table surface mm
    Spindle center nose to column mm
    Tool Tool capacity  
    Max. Length of tool mm
    Max. Dia of tool mm
    Max. Weight of tool kgs
    Tool change time sec
    Gearhead Gear ratio  
    Front bearing  
    Rear bearing  
    Spindle lubricating method  
    Bearing preloading method  
    Clamping force kgs
    Cooling method  
    Spindle cooling requirements keal/h
    Feeding Rapid feed speed m/min
    Controller Mitsubishi controller (10.4")  
    Fanuc controller (8.4")  
    Motor Spindle motor HP
    Feed motor Mitsubishi controller (10.4") KW
    Fanuc controller (8.4") KW
    Machine size( Length x Width x Height ) cm
    Net weight kgs
    Suitable container  
    MVC-1160G MVC-1370G MVC-1690G MVC-1890G
    1,100 1,300 1,600 1,800
    600 700 900 900
    610 700 800 800
    R40 x P12 R50 x P12 R50 x P12
    R40 x P12 R50 x P12 R50 x P12
    R40 x P12 R50 x P12 R50 x P12
    1,200 x 600 1,400 x 700 1,800 x 810 2,000 x 810
    800 1,200 2,000
    CD 100 x 18 x 5T CD 125 x 18 x 5T CD 125 x 18 x 7T
    6,000 Gearhead type
    150-750 150-850 150-950
    600 700 900 900
    2.5 (60HZ)
    NN3012 NN3016
    2,000 2,400
    X:20, Y:20, Z:18 X:20, Y:20, Z:15
    0i-MF β12 0i-MF α12 0i-MF α12
    20 25
    X:2.0, Y:2.0, Z:3.5 X:3.5, Y:3.5, Z:3.5 X:7.0, Y:7.0, Z:7.0
    X:2.5, Y:2.5, Z:3.0 X:4.0, Y:4.0, Z:4.0 X:7.0, Y:7.0, Z:7.0
    292*212*272 340*270*290 524*330*350 524*330*350
    8,500 11,800 17,900 18,500
    40'HQ Split into 2 pallets for
    a 40'HQ or 20'FR instead
    ※Specification is subject to change without prior notice.
    1. Alarm light
    2. Arm type ATC
    3. Remote MPG
    4. Full enclosure
    5. Rigid tapping
    6. Spindle oil cooler
    7. RS232 Interface
    8. Heat exchanger
    9. Coolant flushing system
    10. Auto lubricating system
    11. Auto power off system
    12. Metal telescopic cover
    13. Cutting liquid defector
    14. Screw type chip conveyor (with tank)
    15. Level adjusting bolts and pads
    16. Spindle auto flush / air blast device
    17. Handle flush and air blast device
    18. Tool box with tool kits
    1. Air-conditioner
    2. Coolant ring
    3. Tool setter
    4. Rotary table
    5. Oil-water separator
    6. C.T.S (coolant thrugh spindle)
    7. Boat type chip conveyor (with tank)
    8. Spin window

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